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Jim Hoffman, Lehrer in Saskatoon, Kanada
Nachricht an mathe online, 25. Februar 2002

My name is Jim Hoffman and I teach Math at Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am in the process of developing a math web site for my students which covers material from grades 9 - 12. I am intertesed in including a number of animated gifs and java applets within the body of the web page. I have noted that you have interesting material that I think would be of benefit to my students Could I have your permission to copy these and if permission is given what would I have to do to acknowledge what you have done. Several authors have given me permission to use their materials.

You can visit my schools web site at

Jim Hoffman

You have the permission to use animated gifs and java applets from maths online, provided you do not use them in any commercial way and place a link to our web site. Please inform us when the material is online and where it is located.

25. März 2002

Thank you for giving me permission to use your materials on my math web site. My students have really appreciated the function plotter and the interactive puzzle using slopes and functions.

My web address is:
Click on Curriculum, scroll of Intstructional areas, click on Mathematics, and then on J. Hoffman.

Thanks for your dedication to mathematics


18. Juni 2002

I have made further puzzles that focus on vocabulary at the grade nine level based on Saskatchewan, Canada Curriculum. My intend is to have these puzzles in place for all grade and subject levels grade 9 - 12.

You can check out what I have done at:

Jim Hoffman
Mount Royal Collegiate
2220 Rusholme Road
Saskatoon, Sask
S7L 4A4

Thank you for the information. The puzzles are very nice. We have incuded a link to them in the page Puzzle links.

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