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EuroMath Innsbruck 04

Internet Based Learning in Mathematics
Perspectives for Future Developments

Results - Final meeting

  • Using existing content - Create a content pool
  • Bring authors to contribute to EuroMath. Thinking about the rights of authors. Thinking about quality control
  • Wiki-idea
  • Easily usable editor
  • pick and paste possibilities
  • Empowerment of teachers: Enhancing the use of IT in maths education
    • Curriculum, ...
    • having some political representatives in the project.
  • Enhancing the student how to use IT
  • The main title: Improving math and math related education by the use of IT
    • The research aspect.
    • Convincing teachers
    • Technological way
    • Curriculum
  • Research in the classroom
  • Realising the potential power of technology enhanced mathematics education
  • Unrecognized power, improving tools, institution, bureaucracy (based on pedagogical ideas) ...