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EuroMath Innsbruck 04

Internet Based Learning in Mathematics
Perspectives for Future Developments

Conference Papers ...

  • Ambrus Gabriella Eine neue Verwendung der CABRI [doc]
    Eotvos University, Budapest.

  • Blankenagel Karsten Presentation of MathePrisma [html]
    University of Wuppertal

  • Jonker Vincent Presentation of KidsKount [doc]
    Utrecht University, Freudenthal insitute.

  • Kadijevic Djordje Making procedural and conceptual mathematical knowledge andt their links alive by Java applets [ppt]
    Megatrend University & Mathematical Institute SANU, Serbia & Montenegro.

  • Munkacsy Kati Some Hungarian examples of using ICT in mathematics classrooms [ppt]
    Eotvos University, Budapest.

  • Oberhuemer Petra European Union support programmes [ppt]
    Universität Wien, Lehrentwicklung

  • Pratt Dave The CeNTRE for New Technologies Research in Education [ppt]
    University of Warwick

  • Thaller Bernd Thoughts about e-learning projects [html]
    Karl-Franzens Universität Graz

  • Timkova Danka and Lukac Stanislav E-learning in preparation of mathematics teachers and in mathematics teaching [ppt]
    Faculty of Sciences of P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia

  • Weigand Hans-Georg Looking at "OTHER" internet projects - getting ideas for our Euro-Math-Project [ppt]
    University of Würzburg

Other stuff ...

  • Weigand Hans-Georg Results [doc]

  • Weigand Hans-Georg Workshop "Didactics" paper [doc]

  • Oberhuemer Petra Workshop "Tools" paper [doc]